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BJP MP Sudhanshu Trivedi Attributes India’s Economic Growth to ‘Hindutva Growth’ in Parliament

Drawing a Parallel to Congress Era, Trivedi Credits Prime Minister Modi’s Leadership for Current Economic Success

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BJP Member of Parliament Sudhanshu, on December 5, said that India’s GDP numbers reflect the “growth rate of Hindutva.” Drawing a veiled comparison to the previous Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, Trivedi said that the transformation from what was humorously labelled the “Hindu rate of growth” to the current era of “Hindutva Growth.”

Trivedi reminisced about the days under Congress rule when, in jest, the Indian economy was ridiculed for being unable to surpass a 2 per cent growth rate, termed the “Hindu Growth Rate.”

Contrasting this with the present, he stated, “Since the country came to be led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, our economy has been reaching new heights. The country is on the path to progress.” He said that the current growth rate of 7.8 per cent is the highest among major world economies.

In a subtle dig at those critical of the term ‘Hindutva,’ Trivedi said, “Those who have a problem with the word ‘Hindutva’ are the same people who were happy with a two per cent ‘Hindu Growth Rate.’ Now it is no more a ‘Hindu Growth Rate’ but a ‘Hindutva Growth Rate.’ Now, the people (who are in power) have faith in Hindutva.”

Crediting Prime Minister Modi’s leadership for the nation’s economic strides, Trivedi stated, “Even amid this Tsunami in the world economy, the captain of our ship, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is holding us rock-steady and resilient and leading us forward.”

To reinforce his argument, Trivedi pointed out that India’s fastest growth rate coincides with the upcoming ‘pran prathistha’ (consecration) of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya next month, linking economic progress to Hindutva’s religious milestones.

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