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Dalits and Adivasis

‘Congress has cheated Muslims and Dalits’: Karnataka SDPI Leader

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has accused the Congress government of hypocrisy and cheating the Muslims and Dalits, expressing their outrage in a protest organized in Mangalore on Friday. SDPI state general secretary BR Bhaskar Prasad alleged that the Congress has won the elections with the support of Muslims and Dalits’ votes, not because of their achievement, and “has cheated Muslims and Dalits in various issues including reservation.”

Speaking to The Observer Post, Prasad said that according to media analysis, Congress has won with 92% of Muslim votes and 67% of Dalit votes. Yet, even after two legislative sessions, it has not kept its promises made to the minorities.

“In their manifesto, they had promised the Dalits that internal reservation would be placed in the first session of the legislature session, (Kantharaj commission) socio-economic caste census will be released, ceiling and reservation will be increased to 75%. But not a single promise has been fulfilled. Siddaramaiah has just been all words and has taken no action,” he said. 

“Moreover, It has still not approved the 6.5 lakh families’ applications for land rights in Sagoli, Bailhongal. 4,000 crores were allocated for SC/ST sub-plans, of which 11,000 crores were taken for funding the guarantee schemes. If questioned, they try to assure us saying it will be used for Dalits too. But doesn’t that mean the others are the benefactors of those schemes too and not just the Dalits? If we ask this, they have no answer. All of these are just a few of Dalit issues,” the SDPI leader said.

Listing down the issues of the Muslim minorities, Prasad told The Observer Post, “If we were to look at the Muslims issues – firstly, the 2B reservation issue. They promised to restore the 4% quota of the OBCs (which was repealed by the former BJP govt), in the first cabinet meeting. But there’s uncertainty regarding that too. Now, the administration is saying that it cannot be implemented because the court has stayed the order and the matter is yet to be adjudicated by the court.” 

According to the manifestation of an increase in the reservation to 75% for the minorities, it must be increased for the Muslims too, as per their caste census. It must be increased to 17% for the Muslims, but we are demanding they increase it to 8% at least.

“They have said that this will be discussed in the Belagavi session, but haven’t done so yet,” he said.

SDPI has accused the Congress government of diverting the attention of the public by raking up the Hijab row.

“The Hijab issue had simmered down earlier, but then the Chief Minister gave a statement, and then they took it back, leaving the people in confusion and diverting them,” he said. 

“They have publicised through the media that they will give a budget of 10,000 crores (for the minorities). But has given 1,250 crores only. All these are just in words,” he said, questioning the government’s ability in standing true to their promises, and accusing them of minority appeasement through mere words. 

He pointed out the government’s prejudice against the Muslims saying, “Those who carried out peaceful protests supporting Palestine were arrested under their governance. They have taken no action against Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat who has attacked the dignity of the entire community. In fact, they have said that they do not intend to arrest him”. 

“When we have got all these reasons to hold them accountable, how can we possibly stay silent? We felt the need to criticize their acts, and so we did,” Prasad said.

Thousands had joined the protest opposing the discrimination of the government towards minorities, as per Prasad.

“We had several Congress leaders and members joining us in the protest too, agreeing with our complaints regarding the government,” he added.

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