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Delhi BJP Calls for Stricter Verification for Burqa-Wearing Voters

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The Delhi BJP has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi, requesting stringent verification measures for voters wearing burqas or face masks during the voting process.

The delegation, which included MLAs Ajay Mahawar and Mohan Singh Bisht, State Secretary Kishan Sharma, and lawyer Neeraj Gupta, was led by Ajay Mahawar.

“There should be no fake voting of any kind from the neighbouring states along with Delhi,” the delegation said.

In a memorandum, the BJP called for women wearing burqas to be verified by a female officer who would check their faces before allowing them to vote. This measure, according to the BJP delegation, is aimed at preventing antisocial and anti-democratic elements from manipulating the voting process.

The memorandum stated, “This step is also being requested, bearing in mind larger public interest, especially in such Parliamentary Constituencies where the number of burga-clad / ‘pardanashin’ women voters is high. It bears mention that burga-clad / ‘pardanashin’ voters turn up in large numbers on polling day. Hence, their identity must be verified through appropriate government-mandated IDs to prevent bogus voting and misuse of genuine votes.”

The Chief Electoral Officer assured that the matter will be addressed with the best legal options available.

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