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Gujarat Assembly Passes Resolution to Teach Bhagavad Gita in Schools, Receives Support from Congress, AAP

Photo: Lalakamala/Etsy

The Gujarat legislative assembly has unanimously passed a resolution urging the BJP government in the state to take steps for the effective implementation of teaching the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ in schools. The decision comes after the state education department’s recent announcement to incorporate the principles and values of the Bhagavad Gita into the curriculum for students from Class 6 to 12 starting the next academic year.

Minister of State for Education Praful Pansheriya introduced the resolution, emphasizing the importance of integrating Indian culture into students’ daily lives as per the National Education Policy 2020.

“Accordingly, it is essential to integrate Indian culture into students’ daily lives so that they are exposed to the rich heritage of Indian culture and feel proud of being Indian. Indian culture and knowledge system should be included in the school curriculum in such a way that this connection helps in the overall development of the students,” the minister said.

“It has been decided by the state government to include the teachings of Bhagavad Gita in the curriculum of Classes 6 to 12. This House requests the state government to take all necessary steps for its full and effective implementation,” Pansheriya urged the House.

The resolution received support from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and later from Congress members, albeit initially met with protest. Congress MLA Kirit Patel criticized the resolution, attributing it to the government’s attempt to divert attention from educational shortcomings.

“As per a recent report, Gujarat ranks 15th among 18 large states in student-teacher ratio. States like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are ahead of you. Gujarat’s drop-out ratio is also increasing and shortage of teachers is also a serious issue. Since you have come up with this resolution just to hide your failures, my party opposes it,” Patel said.

Amit Chavda, leader of the Congress legislative party, echoed similar sentiments, expressing opposition to the resolution’s timing and intent. He accused the BJP government of seeking publicity through the resolution rather than genuine educational enhancement.

“We are not against the introduction of Gita in the curriculum. We are against this resolution because it was brought for publicity purposes only. You should have brought this resolution before taking the decision of introducing Gita in schools. What is the meaning of asking the House to request the government to implement it properly. It is like the government itself asking the government to do it properly,” he said.

In contrast, AAP MLA Umesh Makwana expressed full support for the resolution and suggested incorporating parts of the Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’ into the curriculum for higher classes. He also urged the government to ensure the appointment of Sanskrit teachers for effective implementation.

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