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MP: Professor Attacked with Chilli Powder and Rods by Students in Betul

A shocking incident occurred in Madhya Pradesh on Friday, June 14th, when a group of students barged into Jaywanti Haksar College in the Betul district and attacked a professor with sticks and rods. The attackers, armed with sticks and rods, severely beat the professor, Neeraj Dhakad, until he lost consciousness.

This whole incident was recorded by the CCTV camera that was installed inside the campus. The footage showed the attackers heading straight to the Sanskrit department, where the professor was discussing something with his students. The miscreants first put chilli powder in the professor’s eyes, blinding him, and then proceeded to beat him with sticks and rods. The professor, who sustained severe injuries on his whole body, was then referred to Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal.

The attackers beat the professor until he lost consciousness, but no one came to his aid despite his calls for help. The miscreants eventually fled the scene, and the professor was taken to the district hospital by other staff members of the college.

Narrating the whole incident, Professor Neeraj Dhakad stated, “I was sitting in the Sanskrit department from 10:30 in the morning. I was discussing projects with the students. There were five students with me. At that time, five boys came in, threw chilli powder in my eyes, and started hitting me with sticks. I couldn’t see anything and lost consciousness. I recognized some of the boys; they were Annu Thakur’s men. I don’t know why they beat me. They wanted to kill me. They hit me on the head at least ten times with sticks. Both of my hands are fractured, and my leg is fractured.”

It is reported that about a month ago, Professor Neeraj had a dispute with Aniket Thakur, also known as Annu, at the college.

Accused Annu Thakur with a BJP leader.

Former student and district Congress spokesperson Devendra Vagh said that a few months ago, Annu Thakur came to the professor with some scholarship forms for some young women. During this time, he was caught trying to steal the professor’s seal and letterhead from the Sanskrit department. The professor caught him, which led to a scuffle between the two. It was also reported that Annu Thakur had assaulted a female student.

“We come from a rural area, and if the student had filed a complaint, she might have had to drop out of her studies, which is why she didn’t file any complaint,” said Devendra.

Betul Superintendent of Police Nishchal Jhariya said that one main accused and five other suspects have been arrested. Two of the suspects are college students, and the college principal has been informed. They will face rustication and other required disciplinary actions.

“Those accused of serious offences are also being subjected to district expulsion and actions under the National Security Act (NSA),” said the Superintendent of Police.

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