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Opposition Accuses PM Modi and BJP of Orchestrating ‘Single Party Rule’ Amidst Suspension of 141 MPs

Photo: Mallikarjun Kharge/X

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, on Wednesday, said that the Prime Minister and the BJP are orchestrating efforts to establish a “single party rule” in India. Kharge contends that the recent suspension of 141 MPs is a deliberate move to stifle opposition and consolidate power.

The suspension of MPs came in the wake of their demand for a statement from the home minister regarding a serious security breach in Parliament. Kharge expressed dismay over the fact that while 141 MPs faced suspension, the BJP MP allegedly involved in facilitating the entry of intruders remains untouched and uninterrogated.

In a statement posted on X, Kharge raised questions about the credibility of the investigation, demanding accountability for the senior officers responsible for Parliamentary security.

What sort of an investigation is this,” he asked in a statement posted on X.

“Why haven’t senior officers responsible for Parliamentary security made accountable? Heads should have rolled by now,” he said.

Kharge pointed out the apparent planning of the intruders over months and questioned the massive intelligence failure leading to the breach. Given the multi-layered security of Parliament, he queried how two intruders managed to hide yellow gas canisters in their shoes, breach security layers, and almost reach the sanctum sanctorum of India’s democracy.

“The Prime Minister and his party want to establish a ‘single party rule’ in the country. They talk of ‘Ek Akela,’ which is akin to demolishing democracy. This is precisely what they have done by suspending Opposition MPs,” Kharge stated, accusing the ruling party of undermining democratic values.

He further criticized the government for punishing Opposition MPs instead of holding those in high ranks accountable for the security lapse. According to Kharge, the suspension of MPs is an attempt to escape accountability and suppress democratic voices.

The Congress, along with other opposition parties, has been actively protesting against the suspension of their MPs, leading to disruptions in Parliament proceedings.

The government suspended 141 lawmakers, including 95 from the lower house (Lok Sabha) and 46 from the upper chamber (Rajya Sabha), since December 14. The opposition strongly criticizes this as a “mockery of democracy,” asserting that crucial legislation will be passed without proper debate, eroding parliamentary principles.

Tensions arose from the opposition’s demand for a debate on the December 13 security breach, where two individuals, facilitated by a BJP legislator, entered the lower house chamber, deploying gas canisters. The incident has intensified concerns about the compromising of parliamentary democracy.

“A complete purge is being executed so that draconian Bills are passed without any meaningful debate, and so that the BJP MP who facilitated the entry of the two intruders into the Lok Sabha on December 13th goes scot-free,” Congress Member of Parliament Jairam Ramesh posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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